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Rabbi Yair Menchel

Dynamic Educator - Creative Programmer - Inspiring Leader - Social Media Strategist - Content and Curriculum Creator

Hello! I’m Yair. I currently serve as the Senior Coordinator and Rebbe at Kushner Yeshiva High School in New Jersey. I enjoy connecting with my students and creating meaningful relationships with them. I enjoy programming and have a vast amount of experience whether as a Coordinator, Dean, Program Director in a major camp, or as a Youth Director for one of the largest Young Israel's. I enjoy basketball and singing, and am fascinated by technology.

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Creating the Senior Experience

Senior Mock Seder.jpg

Although I began my career in Middle School, when given the opportunity to connect with High School students, and to create the senior experience, it was an opportunity I could not pass up. It has been incredible to be involved with high school students at this important juncture of their lives. 

Creating the Camp Experience

lavi land 2019.jpg

While I was not a major "camp person" growing up, after getting programming experience in the Young Israel of West Hempstead, one of the largest shuls in America, and increasing attendance exponentially, my first camp director told me "you need to be my programming guy". With that, the journey of creating the camp experience began

Creating the Middle School Experience

Frost Valley Cover.jpg

Having experience as a Youth Director and running camp programming, my first teaching position came with the role of being a Dean in the Middle School. In this roll, I had the privilege to create the middle school experience while teaching sand meeting with students and meeting their social emotional needs. 

Creating the Youth Group Experience

iLearn New.jpg

While learning in Smicha, I wanted to find a way to make an impact in children's lives, without taking away from my learning. As such, I accepted to be the Youth Director at a very large and established shul. Once getting there, I was surprised to find around 25 children attending a shul of close to 1,000 families. I was determined to bring the children back to the groups. With that, the mission of creating the youth group experience began. 

Leadership experiences

Gemara / Talmud Methodology

I was privileged to start my teaching career in a school that focuses on skills, especially when it comes to Gemara/Talmud. I gained most from hours of conversations with my mentor, Rabbi Avie Schreiber, who taught me his methodology. After getting comfortable with that methodology, I tried out various new things, like personalized learning, and adding a note taking guide and reading worksheet to help make the learning experience as impactful and educational as it. In addition, to help the visual learners, and to help break the gemara down into easier chunks, I create slides for each sugya. Please see a sample of these slides below. 


If you are interested in hearing more about my methodology or my other thoughts on education, click here for my blog.

My Blog

Parsha Insights

To help increase the Torah opportunities in my shul and community, I offered a weekly Parsha shiur, going through various insights from a wide-range of seforim. See below for the recordings.

Parsha Insights - Ohr HaTorah.jpg
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